ABOUT Paisley & Peacock Scarves

♥ Hello! I’m zaza. Been blogging for years, and this is my third blogshop for on9 business.

♥ I provide variety of exclusive, rare and unique designs for muslim chics out there who dare to be different at very affordable price and quality services.

♥ Please enjoy your shopping here, make it fun, make it smooth and I will try my best to provide more and more rare scarves for u.

♥ Please do not copycat the content of this page. Tq.


Salam dearies,
To CIMB users, you may request for my CIMB account because I've activated it yesterday! =)


It would be a lot more easier if you could give me your name and address every time you order with me.
It's not because I don't save your name and address, but some of you have more than one address.
So to avoid your parcel to be send out to the wrong address, just type in your preferred address when you have confirmed with your order.
Your cooperation is very much appreciated.
Tqvm lovelies~ =)

Regards, Zaza.

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zarina ismail said...

suke sgt tgk shwal2 kt cni. nk beli sgt. tp now kt japan. kalo boleh dlm akhir buln 8 nanti. buat stock baru ye. i nak beli byk2 time tu. :)